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netcomplett specialized in the creation of complete dynamic Internet solutions. We create component-based presentations.
We operate with Microsoft products such as Windows 2000 and IIS5.

We want to give you the possibility of testing our technologies.
You can test the following products:


CodeRed is a problem for all system administrators and webmasters, not just those using IIS. It takes time and money to respond even if it is just a 404. ncIDABlocker is an ISAPI DLL that automatically processes and drops requests from offending CodeRed servers. 
If the "default.ida" file is called, the component closes the session with the client without logging the URL in the IIS log. This preserves statistics tools for reading too long URLs.

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Windows 95/98/NT4/ 2000
The ncWebToy component enables you to get the content of any web page in a string.  
Form calls can be simulated with the help of the post method.
Perfectly to use with ASP.

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Service for Windows
The ncKatiServer can recall web pages
in regular intervals and store on a FTP server or store these as local files.
The administration is made by a browser interface.

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